Our Love Story

A Team Made in Heaven

5 years ago. I was lost. I was a failure. I kept on falling for the wrong people. Whilst I was soaked in tears on a deep prayer one evening before bed, I asked God to embrace me tight and give me the courage to love again and find the right man that He planned for me, His precious princess. Then I met him.

It took time – a lot of time to get over the pain and courage to start being happy again on my own. Whilst I looked stupid crying over how things might have been and at how happy my siblings were with their partners, I tried to get my act together and move on. I went to being bitter, to being a drunkard every weekend, to being gutsy in everything I do that I was totally all over the place.

One Saturday afternoon in February 2013, I decided to check the dating site that I was a member of and found unread messages from a certain Martin Smith. I checked his profile and he seemed kind. And the rest is history.

We exchanged emails (because he didn’t know how to use a smartphone! LOL) until I got him to upgrade his phone and use WeChat and then later Viber. We even had to use Yahoo! Messenger back then (spell old school) and not resort to using Skype.

We wake up and sleep together from a distance. Call Long Distance Relationships (LDR) are challenging, but it is really so! We built our trust on each other based on what we say we do, on pictures of this and that that we send each other, on what we believe each of us is doing every single second. We have endured it until the “reporting of duty” just came out naturally.

We had our fair share of ups and downs – from women and roosters who have been trying to get into the cage and share a part in our partnership, to misunderstandings due to cultural and temperamental barriers; but we had to work through it and do whatever we can to keep it. Yes, we had a moment where we were on the verge of breaking up, but I had to tell him what my principle is – once we’re done, we’re done and there’s no looking back. We were both scared – scared of losing each other and scared of the world out there without having each other. That was the fist and last.

We sent each other gifts that we treasure so much – from the very first letter that came to me in one piece (Thank you, USPS.), the fragrant roses and sweet notes that I get on our special days, to the letters and hand-made crafts and scrapbooks that I send him via FedEx since I don’t trust PhilPost at all. We are like high school lovers who can’t get enough of each other. I’d say we conquered all means just to ensure that the lines of communication are always open.

We planned on seeing each other. He has been saying that he’d marry me in his letters and gifts, but I told him that he needs to meet my family for him to do so. Voila, he touched down Manila on 17 December 2014 to meet my family and friends, and attended my sister’s wedding. He even sacrificed so much on his way back to the US due to the extreme weather conditions then. If this isn’t love, then I don’t know what it is.

We started planning for the future. We started the petition process and even had to delay it for a bit due to the issues that I had to take care of at work and at home. After everything that we had to endure, here I am in the US, getting ready to marry the man that God sent me – my God’s best.

We are a team, as we always tell each other, especially on times that both or one of us are getting cranky and grumpy over things that stress us out a lot. We are a team and we are always there for each other. We are a team and we share each other’s successes and failures. We are a team and we both hang on each time we’re on the verge of giving up. We are a team who serves one God; one God who tied us together as one team. If this isn’t love from God and heaven, then I don’t know what it is.


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