Our Wedding

The Wedding Reception Menu

This day brings out joy and love in our hearts, and we are honored to have you in this momentous event in our lives.

We can’t end this celebration without having a bite at our most-loved restaurant, Frank’s Spaghetti House, and we’d like you to kindly see the following menu for the available dishes to choose from so that our lovely crew from Frank’s Spaghetti House can prepare our sumptuous Italian delicatezza and cibo ahead of time:

ENTREE (comes with 2 loaves of Garlic Bread and a bowl of soup – Cream of Mushroom)

  • Spaghetti
  • Ravioli
  • 1/2 Spaghetti and 1/2 Ravioli
  • Combination Plate (Lasagna, Ravioli & Spaghetti)
  • Chicken Cacciatore (comes with Spaghetti)


  • Pepsi Products
  • Iced Tea

Kindly fill-out the following fields by choosing one entrée and one beverage from the above selections. To send it to us, either leave your choices as a comment to this post at the bottom of this page (pardon the ads) or send it as a reply to the email that we’ve sent:


We look forward to having a great time with you on our wedding day. 🙂

Should you wish to take a tour on the brief history of our love story, please see my other blog post that’s entitled A Team Made in Heaven.

You can also check Frank’s Spaghetti House for more information on the reception venue. 🙂



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